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Promotional products that are considered recycled contain paper, plastic or other materials that would otherwise be disposed of, but have been repurposed to create items that decrease the carbon footprint. There are so many companies that I buy from it really is best that you email me and tell me what you want to accomplish and let me do the research. The links that I have below will provide you with some very solid ideas. Email me or call me (949) 631-5596

Personalized Eco-Friendly Promotional Products are here to stay. Every business needs to promote and market itself that they care about the earth. Custom promotional products are a great way to build awareness, especially if they are eco-friendly promotional products, made from recycled, sustainable or biodegradable materials. Green promotional products are here to stay, and they are affordable, too.

Eco-Friendly Tote / Shopping Bags

Green custom tote bags and shopping bags are made from several recycled and renewable materials. We have bags made from recycled plastic bottles, bamboo and cotton. Custom tote bags printed with your logo are appropriate for stores, Farmers Markets, schools and trade shows. All colors and sizes are available.

Eco-Friendly Recycled Pencils 

Recycled pencils can be made from cardboard, newspaper, bamboo and even rubber! All can be personalized with your logo and company name. These are perfect for schools looking for an affordable student gift, for trade shows, or for an inexpensive thank you gift for clients.

Eco-Friendly Pens

Ever seen the plastic bottle pen? How about a pen made from corn? Earth friendly, biodegradable pens are an affordable promotional gift, made from renewable material. Choose from numerous eco-friendly pen options. We have cardboard barrel pens, cornstarch plastic pens and recycled plastic pens, and all can be personalized with your logo and company name. Give customers a green gift at your next trade show or special event.

Eco-Friendly Note / Memo Pads

These custom printed note pads are made from recycled cardboard and post-consumer-waste paper. There are many options, including memo pads spiral notebooks with pens, sticky notes and journals. We custom print your color logo on the cover.

Biodegradable Sport Water Bottles

Custom imprinted biodegradable plastic sport water bottles are a responsible way to promote your business. Made from plastic that degrades naturally, all of our water bottles can be customized with your logo or message. Sport water bottles are a popular item for schools, sponsored sporting events, trade shows, health fairs, medical centers and many other uses.

USA-Made Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Many of our customers prefer buying promotional items that meet two requirements: they are made in the USA and are made from eco-friendly materials. We have over 5,000 eco-friendly, made in the USA promotional products to choose from! Sport bottles, tote bags, pens, magnets, cups and more, all custom printed with your logo.

Solar Powered Promotional Products

Solar promotional products function using the sun’s natural power rather than batteries or electricity, thus conserving precious resources.

Recycled Post Industrial Plastic Promotional Products

Post industrial plastic is scrap left over from traditional plastic manufacturing processes. It may be trim pieces, products that didn’t meet quality standards or overage from manufacture. Oftentimes, it ends up in a landfill unless it is repurposed, as it is in our recycled plastic promotional products.

Eco-Friendly, Green, Sustainable Promotional Products

recycled promotional products biodegradable promotional products corn-based plastic promotional products solar powered promotional products
Recycled Promotional Products   Biodegradable Promotional Products   Corn Plastic Promotional Products   Solar Powered Promotional Products
  bamboo promotional products   bamboo promotional products   bamboo promotional products   bamboo promotional products
  Bamboo Promotional Products   Organic Promotional Products   Sustainable Promotional Products   Post-Industrial Plastic Promotional Products
  Most Popular Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

  biodegradable sport / water bottles   biodegradable sport / water bottles   eco-friendly tote / shopping bags   eco-friendly note / memo pads
  USA Made
Eco-Friendly Promotional Products
Sport / Water Bottles
Tote / Shopping Bags
Note / Memo Pads
  eco-friendly pens and pencils   eco-friendly pens and pencils        

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