Pens the best pen the one and only pen you need!

Awardpro and The Promotional Products Collection found a pen company and we want to shoot it to the world. Each RiteLine™ Pen is an exclusive, protected design from the comfortable grip to the smooth flowing ink. Design, that is focused … Continue reading

Interactive Floor System

Utilizing the same technology in our Interactive Floor System with different effects, Multi-Tech’s Interactive Floor System is ideal for presentations and corporate events, as well as the marketing and advertising industries. Our exciting visuals will help draw interest toward what is displayed, whether it is a new product, discount/sale, or even a speaker in a large conference room. With the ability to link systems together, no wall is too large!

Tech Touch Table

Interactive Bar System is a unique application of our Interactive Projector technology for use in bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and reception areas. Our Interactive Bar System can be installed in the ceiling for budget friendly solutions, or underneath the bar for shadow free images. When customers place objects on top of the bar, a message is transferred to the integrated quad-core computer, which immediately causes the lights and images on the bar to move in tandem with the customer. We offer 10 effects designed solely for the Interactive Bar System. Effects available for our Interactive Floor System can also be utilized in a bar setting. Our most popular floor application for bar use is the iPool effect, showing a relaxing koi pond on the bar top. With Multi-Tech’s Interactive Bar System, your business will have an exclusive edge on the competition. Our goal is to help you generate more new and repeat customers, and ultimately revenue so your business can grow.

Interactive Projection

Interactive floor systems easily turn open floor spaces or unnoticed areas into an ongoing experience of movement, action, fun and excitement, stopping people in their tracks as they play, walk by or interact with your marketing content. It is a combination of both hardware and software, which can add a dynamic and interactive element to nearly any business, from a shopping mall to a bank to a museum. It can also be an attractive and eye-catching addition to a variety of major events, such as weddings and advertising expos. This type of technology is fast becoming one of the most in-demand innovations across the globe, so those who opt to install an interactive floor will also be ensuring that they stay in line with the competition. Want this for you next event? Give us a call (949) 631-5596 or email

Custom Ear Buds

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<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen> Fun, colorful candy-shaped ear buds. Available in 2 shapes: Round or Rectangle. Choice of Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, Green. Stock marketing card included. Contact us Promotional Products Collection (949) 631-5596  Or email us at

Focal Eyes Cost Effective Eye Glasses

SOMETIMES IT’S A MATTER OF SURVIVAL SOMETIMES IT’S A MATTER OF SURVIVAL and FOCALEYES® is a cost-effective solution for being prepared. When you need to read in an emergency, having functioning glasses is vital. A few pairs of FOCALEYES® in your … Continue reading

Why Promotional Products are so important

Promotional products – business opportunities in advertising specialities In today’s world of advertising, promotional products or advertising specialities are as important as the product or service they promote. We can go a little further and say that the right promotional … Continue reading

Aloe Up Sun Care Products

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Custom sunscreen, lip balm and lotions Aloe Up formula with your message Minimum 35% pure aloe vera gel Non greasy, dry formulation Moisturizes while it protects Absorbs quickly and effectively into skin Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, biodegradable UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection Custom Labeled … Continue reading