Focal Eyes Cost Effective Eye Glasses



SOMETIMES IT’S A MATTER OF SURVIVAL and FOCALEYES® is a cost-effective solution for being prepared.

When you need to read in an emergency, having functioning glasses is vital.

A few pairs of FOCALEYES® in your emergency, first aid or survival kits can make the difference between reading key information and instructions or disaster.

Don’t let the fact that these glasses are made of paper or synthetic laminate fool you, they are tough and durable. FOCALEYES® paper glasses are made of two layers of extra-thick, coated-board – these glasses are made to last!  And our synthetic water resistance laminated frames are designed for outdoor use and prove rugged enough to hold up even when submerged in water!

Now there is no reason to be caught without reading glasses. FOCALEYES® are inexpensive enough to have in all your emergency and first aid kits, in your car, home, RV, luggage, make-up and shaving kits. Don’t be caught without a pair of Focal Eyes again!

Ever have this happen? Flew Virgin America recently and realized the back of seat video screen is the perfect focal distance for a pair of FocalEyes. They airline didn’t even have a pair of reading glasses to offer me…imagine that? Don’t be without Focal Eyes.

Ever try reading a menu without your reading glasses. FocalEyes solves that problem. How about in every restaurant?


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