Why Promotional Products are so important

Promotional products – business opportunities in advertising specialities

In today’s world of advertising, promotional products or advertising specialities are as important as the product or service they promote. We can go a little further and say that the right promotional activity and the correct use of advertising specialities can make a product or a service a super success.

What are these advertising specialities / promotional products?

Do you remember you dad collecting Bud beer mugs, hoping to make a collection of 6 or 12 to make a set? That Citibank pen you carry around for emergencies? How about the local ‘Luigi’s Pizza Italiano’ calendar that is hanging in your kitchen?

Promotional products are merchandize (useful articles) that are given to potential and regular customers with an imprinted advertisement, with ‘no strings attached’ –that is – free of cost.

These promotional products are, in simpler words freebies given, that unlike premiums, are not awarded or earned by the customer in exchange for a purchase made. Most large companies and even small businesses use such promotional products / advertising specialities. In advertising terms, these products fall under the “targeted media” category. Most of us usually toss such “given away” items as business charity. However, these products have a specific promotional purpose. Businesses that wish to cash-in on this targeted media, need to understand why their business needs advertising specialities, in the first place.

Why Promotional Products?

In advertising, there is a saying, “reaching the people who count is far more important than counting the people you reach.”

This is especially true because mass media, like everything, has its disadvantages too. While it gives you the benefits of reaching a large crowd, it also includes audiences that are not interested in your product or service, reducing your ROI, considering mass media is very expensive medium of advertising. Advertising specialities on the other hand, work perfectly with advertising budgets since price ranges for such promotional products are flexible, making them available to big and small businesses.

Promotional products are effectively targeted. When these articles with adverts imprinted on them are used by consumers, they work as a medium for brand recall, even though the consumer is not consciously aware. Promotional products also enable the seller to add a personalized message, adding more value to the brand advertising, example, personalized key chains.

Promotional products are most often used for grand openings, special events, increasing store traffic, developing leads, promoting goodwill and improving image, introducing a new product or service, and even as ice-breakers for salesmen to use. Promotional products work on the basic principle that we all love a freebie, getting something for nothing always remain in a consumers mind. Even if it is as inconspicuous as a ball-point pen.

I have been designing and creating promotional products since 1983. Give me a call and let’s design together a useful imprinted promotional product. (949) 631-5596 or email me Awardpro@gmail.com


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