Custom scratch-off cards

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Promotions Customers are always looking for an extra value in their purchases and the companies they favor. Use a scratch and win promotion to let your customers win that extra value with discounts, free merchandise or other prizes – in turn, your business will be the winner.

  • In-Store Promotions
  • Increase Traffic
  • Create Brand/Company awareness
  • Increase Sales during off peak times

Loyalty Programs

  • Increase word of mouth marketing
  • Make up-selling easy
  • Increase Frequency

Sporting Events

  • Increase merchandise sales
  • Increase stadium advertising with an inexpensive approach
  • Create excitement amongst team sponsors

Direct Mail Scratch and win cards are perfect for increasing traffic to your store or website. You can reach your audience at their home or business to promote new and existing products in your stores or provide a special code for a chance to win on your website. Believe us, they are much more fun than clipping coupons!

  • Direct consumer traffic
  • Increase your customers’ interaction with your brand
  • An excellent method to differentiate your promotion

Employee Incentives Employee incentive programs can be used to increase safety compliance, increase sales, increase production, and boost morale. Scratch and win cards generate enthusiasm amongst employees within your company and provide a fun and exciting way to get the results you need. There is no better investment than helping your employees succeed, and implementing a scratch and win employee incentive program is the most effective and inexpensive way to do that

Scratch and win employee incentive programs are effective because they turn your program into a game that employees will want to play and win. You can use them to help your employees accomplish their goals, growing your business. They are easy to implement and their effectiveness is easy to track. So, if you want better productivity, more sales, increased compliance with regulations, and more from your employees, a scratch and win employee incentive will help you reach those goals.

  • Great motivational tool
  • Create excitement and increase production
  • Promote teamwork
  • Hold their interest
  • Create positives employee interaction
  • Programs are easy to understand and fast to implement

Tradeshow Giveaways By using scratch and win cards, your company will have a creative edge over competitors that use typical advertising. Scratch and win cards create anticipation in your prospects and grab their attention, providing you with more traffic at your exhibits, more leads and a great way to generate a database for mailings.

  • Build a profitable database
  • Stand out and grab attention
  • Very inexpensive price with a very high return

Fundraisers Scratch and win fundraising is a low cost, highly effective opportunity for your organization to raise awareness and support. The key to a successful fundraiser is providing a unique experience that will hold your donors’ interest, and nothing is more effective than a scratch and win game. Make donating exciting!

  • Create awareness with a winning technique
  • Inexpensive way to generate donations while creating excitement                                          
  • Perfect for schools, charities and organizations

Scratch-off cards are an inexpensive way to add excitement to any promotion.

1) Banks – New checking accounts, auto or travel loan promotions.  For example: scratch and win card to win up to 6-months of auto payments.

2) Retailers – Mystery discount promotion – every guest receives a scratch-off card good for a merchandise discount.   Scratch-off card is only valid if the scratch-off box is removed at the checkout register. Rules must clearly state void if scratched prior to checkout.

3) Car dealers – test drive promotion – come in and receive a card and you win xxx.   

4) Restaurants – Drive repeat customers with a scratch-off game were everyone wins a discount or free food for their next visit.  Drinks, appetizers, or dessert make great prizes.

5) Employee incentives – motivate employees to hit their sales targets.  Qualifying employees receive a scratch-off card which reveals a variety of prizes from physical prizes to cash.  Maximize employee excitement with a limited budget by including a limited number of larger prizes.

6) Tradeshow traffic builder – mail out a scratch-off postcard to all pre-registered attendees, urging them to stop by the booth and reveal their prize.  Scratch-off card is only valid if the scratch-off box is removed at the booth.  While they are scratching off their card, have your 30-second sales pitch ready.


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